Have you ever checked yourself in the mirror and wished you had more curves down there than what you have now?

With all these talk about booties, from Nicki Minaj’s steamy “Anaconda” video, JLo and Iggy’s “Booty” collaboration, right down to Kim Kardashian’s internet breaking naked photoshoot, it’s definitely all up in your face. So why is having booty so hot, and why does it have men ogling over? Even in cosmetic surgery getting big and curvy booties have nudged breasts out of the top spot.

A Woman’s ‘Big Butt’ Now A Source of Pride and ‘Big Business’

The Stats Prove it

According to statistics there is a significant increase in buttocks surgeries in the past year, and the numbers has been steadily increasing. Buttock augmentation using fat grafts,  buttock implants, and buttock lifts all have shown significant growth in 2013-2014. These even surpassed other popular procedures such as breast augmentation, nose jobs, liposuction, and  facelifts. This shows that people are willing to go under the knife just to get that perfect curve down there.

The age of “twerking”

It’s been more than two decades since Sir Mix-a -lot created his love letter for all the curvy back sides with his 90’s hit, “Baby Got Back.” Today, it’s heavy twerking that is bringing booties back in the spotlight, aside from the fact that the Kardashian ladies are constantly parading their heavy assets as they dominate reality TV. Vogue even went on to say that “we’re officially in the Era of the big booty.”

It’s funny how things turn out. Back in the days, a large buttock is something that most would not aspire to have. This is even why they tout women with curvier behinds to have more “junk in the trunk” because it’s just something not so desirable. Some find it to be out of proportion, while others see it as just excess body fat. However, things certainly took a 360 when women suddenly line in exercise classes to tone their buttocks just so they could get that perfect curve, or even brave surgery for that dramatic oomph.

Why women love it

We have definitely gone far from the waif sex symbols, like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Moss, and moved towards curvier ladies like J.Lo. According to Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta in an interview with Style magazine, the sultry Latina kicked off this butt fad when she wore her plunging and body hugging Versace gown in 2000. But it was Destiny’s Child who turned it into a revolution as they celebrated big booties when they coined the term “Bootylicious” in their 2001 hit of the same title. But it had to take a couple of years more before more women became “ready for this jelly” when Kim Kardashian entered the scene.

In this age of social media, Kim has definitely made herself highly visible with her very active social media profile. As much as a lot of people disdain her and her antics, it is still true that her beauty and figure is envied by a lot of women. But it is her buttocks that is definitely a scene stealer as it even spurned rumours that she had it done. However, this has been vehemently denied by TV star and simply has her genes to thank for her big booty. Today, women who are going in for buttock enhancement mostly request to have one like Kim’s.

Then again, it was Kim who made  this phenomenon explode with all her Instagram selfies focusing on her derriere, which eventually paved the way for “belfies” (butt selfies). With all these images of curvier women in the media, women are now wishing they have better behinds. It gives them that hourglass figure and it also creates a more flattering silhouette either in dresses, jeans, daisy dukes, or bikinis.

Another reason why women also want a bigger booty is because a lot of men find this desirable. Meghan Trainor was definitely spot on when she said, “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.” Now this desire is not even a trend, in fact it is even primal.

In a study conducted in the University of Texas, they took 100 men between the ages 17-34 and asked them to rate the attractiveness of a woman’s silhouette as she stood sideways. The researchers altered the images so that the lower spine curved out in different angles making the butt protrude in certain ways. What they learned is that men are attracted to those women whose images showed an overly curved spine to create that illusion of having protruded buttocks. But as they investigated further, they found out that regardless of the size of the rear, “men prefer women who exhibit specific angles of spinal curvature over buttock mass.”

The authors also surmised that another major contributor as to why men prefer these pushed out tushes has something to with prehistoric influences than trending standards of beauty. Even Gordon G. Gallup, Jr. of the University of Albany said that this desire in men is interwoven into their genes. Curvier derrieres sends a signal of health, vitality and fertility to men. Men rate this to be attractive even though they can’t quite explain as to why, and that is because they are hardwired to react that way.  Such a sight simply tells his brain that this lady has “all the right junk in all the right places.”

The booming booty market

The desire for big booties has certainly tousled the market. There are gym classes that promise to give a plush posterior, padded panties to give you that extra volume to fit beautifully in your jeans, and even fat injections to add more plump on that backside.

But for some women, they like to take it more seriously and permanently with buttock implants. These are surgical procedures which involves silicone implants placed inside the buttocks to enhance its shape and volume. This procedure has proven to be a top seller as reported by cosmetic surgeons. Women are definitely going the extra mile to give their booties the boost it needs.

On the downside, some women have become so desperate that they cut corners and end up with serious damage with due to substandard treatments. With this cultural phenomenon, this is something that every woman should also give attention to. It’s one thing to look beautiful, but it’s another to risk your life doing it.

There is nothing wrong if you want to get the curve you want, but it’s really best that you only get the best treatment should you choose drastic measures to get it. When you pay good money to get that booty, make sure that you only choose the people who can do it best. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead with dimply and lopsided derriere would you?