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1. Who are the right candidates for a Thigh Lift?

Anybody who is interested in this procedure must meet certain requirements to qualify for surgery. In general, candidates for a thigh lift are:

  • Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that may increase the risk of surgery or impair healing.
  • Non-smokers
  • Individuals whose weight is relatively stable
  • Those with excess oft tissue along the inner (medial) thigh region and/or the outer (lateral) thigh.
  • Individuals who have realistic goals of what a thigh lift surgery can achieve.

2. Will a Thigh Lift help get rid of stretchmarks?

A thigh lift is a surgery to remove excess skin, and it is not a surgery to remove stretchmarks.

3. Can a Thigh Lift be combined with Liposuction?

Liposuction removes fat cells, but it does not affect the skin. So, if your problem is due to loose skin, performing any form of liposuction will only exacerbate your problem.  The only time that liposuction should be considered is when there is a significant amount of fat and the skin is tight.

Here is a Thigh Lift procedure at the Dr. Daood Clinic:

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