Women are not the only the ones who can get their game on when it comes to tweaking their body, as men are definitely catching up. In an age where Buttock wax, male facials, and aesthetic treatments are commonplace just like the usual haircut, men are going for it with no apologies. There is now a market for that need teeming with a gamut of treatments for the metrosexual man. So what is there about Scrotox and all the buzz behind it?

Just like how women cringe but secretly want vaginal rejuvenation, Scrotox seems to be getting the same reception. So let’s take a closer look to see if you’ve got the “balls” to go for it.


We’ve all heard about the “bro-tox”, but what in the world does a Scrotox do?

Deconstructing the word will somehow give you an idea on what to expect. Scrotox is actually the term used for the procedure where Botox is injected into the scrotum.

Now, why would someone dare to do that?

This treatment is actually done to improve saggy and wrinkly sperm satchels so that it looks  youthful. Botox, which is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, is injected into the muscle right under the skin of the scrotum. It may not seem like the most pleasant experience, but apparently requests have doubled in a year in the UK.

It is a less invasive way than a scrotal lift or a scrotoplasty, which is a surgical procedure that removes the excess and saggy skin of the testicles. In surgery the excess skin is excised then attached to the muscle right at the seam of the scrotum to conceal scarring. It is an outpatient procedure, but recovery time may take a while as it is more traumatic to the area. In fact men, are advised against sex or any strenuous activity for six weeks after surgery. This is the reason why it should be considered with caution because any break in the skin integrity can open the individual to potential risks, hence it is important to seek the opinion of a qualified health practitioner.

On the other hand, Scrotox provides a less invasive approach to manage any sign of aging downstairs. Many are finding that aesthetics aside, it also helps ease sweating and it makes the scrotum appear larger by relaxing the muscles. So if women can get their designer vagina, men are not far behind with their smooth and youthful-looking “designer balls”.

Men, Their Balls, and The Catch

You can either blame it on midlife crisis, genetics, or scrotum shaming (yes, there is such a thing), but wrinkly and saggy balls are actually a concern for a lot of guys – particularly middle aged men. They are driven by the desire to look good for the ladies and avoid the shame in unveiling their manhood.

Most of these guys end up being reduced to an old sailor when someone quivers at the sight of their sagging sack taking out the sexy in those steamy moments.

But as much as men prefer to go for the less traumatic treatment with Scrotox, its effect is also limited. Heavily wrinkled and severely saggy scrotal sacs would need more than a dash of Botox for deliverance from its sorry state.  The only way to improve the way it looks is surgery to remove the excess skin.  Tightening the scrotal muscle and the skin can improve any discomfort and irritation that are often reported by runners and cyclists.

Albeit its popularity rising in recent months, Scrotox is regarded as a secondary option to surgery with its efficacy still being investigated. Just as your surgical facelift provides a significanteffect than your liquid facelift, the same goes for Scrotox and scrotoplasty. In such a case, men are urged to manage their expectations.

Scrotox is not the end all and be all if you want to keep your balls looking like it did in days past. Furthermore, perfectly smooth and uplifted balls are not the norm as you age. It’s perfectly okay if yours sag, and there’s no need to go through the trouble of getting it tweaked. However, if standing in the mirror in the morning with one leg propped up on a stool and appreciating your balls is your thing, just to keep it together, then by all means just be responsible should you brave such procedures.

Just because it’s the thing nowadays doesn’t mean it’s without risk. It is still important that you do your homework and ask yourself if this is really something you should be doing. There’s nothing wrong in making an effort to defy aging in every inch and curve of the body, especially if this improves things in the bedroom. However, just make sure that you’re getting the best treatment from those who can deliver it best.

Scrotox has definitely given a lot of men a chance to regain a sense of pride even from all the way down there, but do you really have the balls to go with it? With a good doctor and ample time to prepare, you could give wrinkly and saggy scrotums the sack!

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