Gynecomastia Surgery
for Male Breast Reduction
in Sydney

Restore your natural masculine physique,
and say goodbye to “man boobs”
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*Procedure requires doctor-patient
conference, typically valued $250 and up

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost AUD $4990 (plus GST plus hospital fees)

Breasts that are oversized for a male (‘man boobs’). Discomfort from breasts that are sore or tender to the touch. An enlarged chest is caused by excess tissue or fat. Sagging skin or deformities on the nipples or areola. These are some of the challenges faced by men who suffer from gynecomastia, and the popular reasons for gynecomastia surgery in Sydney. 

Gynecomastia affects an estimated 40% to 60% of males worldwide, and is common in any age. Wondering why you’ve got man-boobs? The condition may develop due to hereditary conditions, hormonal changes, weight gain, use of certain medication/drugs, and some diseases, including liver ailments. 


A medical procedure for rectifying the size and/or restoring the masculine contour of the chest. It is a plastic surgery operation that results in male-breast reduction or the correction of man boobs. 

Widely practised in Sydney, Gynecomastia surgery entails removing excess fat, breast tissue, and skin, which will no longer grow back, thereby achieving permanent results. In cases where the skin has stretched or sagged significantly, the nipples may also be repositioned in proportion to the torso.  


First, you must be diagnosed by a medical doctor and established as a gynecomastia case. But everyone with the condition can undergo surgery to correct it. During your consultation, the surgeon will determine if you are qualified for the procedure based on specific criteria.


  • Must be physically and mentally healthy, and within the normal weight
  • Experiencing gynecomastia for more than a year or longer
  • Have exhausted other measures to minimize breast size, including diet and exercise 
  • Has no bleeding or clotting problems and similar medical conditions
  • Has realistic expectations of the procedure, and the willingness to undergo surgery



Gynecomastia surgery aims to permanently remove the excess tissue and fat from the male breast area. But first, the Dr. Daood Clinic in Sydney stresses the importance of a medical consultation to determine if you have the condition and gynecomastia surgery is indeed a sound option.

The surgery is usually done in combination with liposuction to remove the excess fat. It also entails ‘cutting out’ or excising the excess breast tissue. A small incision is made where the areola and chest skin meet, leaving an inconspicuous and barely-visible mark once it has faded. Some cases involve repositioning the nipple in proportion to the chest’s new contour.



  • The procedure is done under sedation and local or general anesthesia. In Sydney, the Dr. Daood Clinic is among such facilities that provides the procedure, which usually takes 1-1.5 hours.
  • Stitches are made to close the incision area. These minimal sutures don’t have to be removed as they dissolve naturally in a couple of weeks.
  • After surgery, the patient will be fitted with a padded surgical vest/elastic bandage for protection, and to aid in contouring of the chest. These are usually removed after 2-3 weeks.
  • The patient may also experience numbness in the treated area, which is reversible but could last for a few months. Swelling and puffiness may also occur, but only for about 6 weeks to 3 months.
  • As with any other surgery, complications may arise from this procedure, including bleeding, inadequate or excessive removal of breast tissues, and infection, in rare cases.*

* The doctor will discuss other potential risks during pre-op consults. Your proactive participation and full disclosure are essential to the success of the procedure. All your information will be kept strictly confidential. 


The Dr. Daood Clinic performs gynecomastia surgery as an outpatient procedure (‘day surgery’), and costs AUD $4990* (plus GST plus hospital fees) The total cost covers the surgeon’s fees, use of facility and equipment, preoperative medical tests, and medication used during the procedure.

Keep in mind that you may get the results you want with the permanent removal of the excess breast tissue, but sustaining the new appearance in the long term depends on you. It’s essential to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to reinforce the results of male breast reduction. 

The majority of patients are able to move naturally a few days after the procedure. Most clients resume work after a week, but longer recovery time is recommended for those whose jobs require heavy lifting or extensive torso movements. Patients should avoid exercise in the early stages of the recovery period. 

* Patients are advised to discuss applicable HMO or medical insurance provisions during the consultation. An accurate price quotation will be provided at this stage.


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