Gone are the days where cosmetic surgery was just something people talk only in whispers as more men and women open up about their procedures. While people become more accepting, several others are enticed to get the procedures, also due to the fact that the quality has far improved. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to jump in head first without thinking it through.

Status quo

By nature, cosmetic surgery – or any procedure for that matter – has its inherent risks. Any break in skin integrity welcomes any untoward reactions, or it could simply heal without any complications. However, with the improvement in practice, techniques, and equipment, the possibility of incurring problems have become lesser by the years.

One of the reasons behind an increased faith in cosmetic surgeries is the fact that approaches have become less invasive. This is even reflected in the numbers presented by the ASPS for both surgical and minimally invasive procedures performed in the US in 2015; this is a 2% increase over that of the previous year.

Since 2000, all cosmetic procedures have increased by up to 115%, although the surgical trends vary over time. At one point, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty was heading the pack, however these was soon overtaken by buttocks augmentation as of the latest; all thanks to pop culture.

Don’t get cosmetic surgery unless…

As attractive as all these improvements come, these should not be taken hook, line, and sinker. A smart patient would think it over not just once or twice but a couple of times before you sign on the dotted line, because even the best doctors still have with them a certain margin of error – something you should take into consideration.

Remember, cosmetic surgery can create permanent results. So you need to really take it upon yourself to see if this is really what you want. Being utterly sure about it is of utmost important, and it should be your decision alone and not somebody else’s.

Many people have gone overboard with their procedures, leaving with substandard results, botched outcomes, and sometimes even fatal consequences. Take the case of Heidi Montag, who had a total of 10 surgeries thinking that it could give here the face and body she desired. Or that woman who injected her face with cement and tire sealant, in a very bad decision to cut corners, for an antiaging treatment.

Never go cheap on yourself

If you want to get quality results, never expect them from someone who give it you at suspiciously low prices. Quality work has a premium, and if you take the time and effort be sure to do your homework and check the average prices in your city or region. Conversely, expensive procedures also do not always guarantee top quality which brings us to our second point.

Know your surgeon

Always dig up all the information you can about a surgeon you might be interested in. Word of mouth, especially from previous clients, can be a powerful determining factor, but also research on their educational and work background. What most people don’t know is that any surgeon can claim to be a cosmetic surgeon even if they don’t have any special training for it. So pore through their list of credentials alongside their portfolio to get a better idea about this surgeon’s capacities and quality of work.

Never do it for someone

Hey even if it is to make your spouse happy, don’t brave that liposuction or breast implant, if you are unsure. It is your body, and there is that fine line between regret and happiness for patients who had second thoughts about a certain procedure. If you have to brave the knife, be sure that it is for your own happiness.

Be realistic

So you want a bum like Kim K or breasts like Kate Upton, but does this really would go well with your body? Yes, these features are undeniably enviable, but maintaining a realistic expectation is far more important. You may have these celebrities as your muse, but a good surgeon would tell you that procedures should be catered to your body to give you the best results. You can’t have double D’s with a small frame without you looking like you are lugging around watermelons. So to accentuate your features, and not overwhelm them, know that a good surgical plan would revolve around what is best for you, and not what looked good on a certain celebrity.

Get your money ready

Don’t jump right into surgery if you don’t have enough dough to cover all the cost. This includes even all aftercare expenses. Always choose a good surgeon over cheap surgery, so you need to factor that in your budget. Adding to that, you need to prepare for other incidentals, just in case.

Know how to take care of yourself post-surgery

As medical professionals would say, “the surgical process begins at the time of the consultation.” Even as early as planning, it pays to be on top of the finer details about your recovery period. Know how you can be assisted, especially after invasive procedures, how long you’ll be out of work, and all other necessary precautions in your aftercare. Doing this protects you from complications that hinders you from reaching a successful outcome.

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