1. What are the benefits of buttocks enlargement?

Buttocks enlargement surgery is an option for those with asymmetrical or uneven buttocks or individuals looking to restore volume and shape that has been lost through significant weight loss or the natural ageing process. This enhancement can be part of a broader body contouring approach, combined with other procedures to achieve comprehensive body reshaping. Note, however, that the results can differ among individuals, and the procedure may not be appropriate for everyone. To understand what can be achieved specifically for you, a thorough consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is necessary, where your unique goals and physical characteristics will be considered.

2. What can I expect during a consultation?

During your consult, you can expect the surgeon to examine your buttocks. He will also assess your reasons why you want the procedure done and the look that you want to achieve. It is at this time that the surgeon will walk you through what happens during the procedure, and what techniques he will be using to meet your goals.

Feel free to ask any questions and clarifications to ensure that you and the surgeon are on the same page. You can also expect to come back for follow-up check-ups for the next two months after the procedure.

3. Who is the right candidate for buttocks enlargement?

An ideal candidate for buttocks enlargement would be someone who is looking for a well-defined backside. A person should be physically and mentally healthy. It is important that the patient has realistic expectations about the procedure instead of looking for perfection.

Since we use the fat graft technique, it is also important that the patient has excess fat in other areas of the body. Additionally, s/he should be at least 18 years old to be admitted for this type of treatment.

4. What types of buttocks enlargement approaches are there?

There are two types of techniques for buttocks enhancement. It can either be done by using silicone implants or fat injections which is what our clinic provides. The first will require more incisions for proper implant placement. Meanwhile, fat grafts tend to be less invasive and traumatic which is why it also heals faster.

5. How is this procedure done?

Through liposuction, we remove fats in certain areas of the body while ensuring maximum viability. The fat cells are then separated from the fluid and blood that was also aspirated along the way. The fat grafts are then injected into the buttocks in a linear manner within the fat tissues and skin layers.

6. What can I expect from this procedure?

With fat grafting for buttocks enhancement, you can expect this to be done along with liposuction. This is how the fats are harvested usually from the abdomen, back, hips and thighs. The fats are strategically injected into the buttocks to create a smooth and natural appearance.

7. How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the amount of fat that has to be injected into the buttocks, the surgery can take as long as 2-3 hours. It is also expected that you may require more than one session because you will need touch up procedures since the results are not long lasting compared to butt implants.

8. Is this procedure painful?

You will not feel any pain during the treatment because you will be under anaesthesia. However, it is expected that you feel sore after the procedure, but this should subside after a couple of days. Fortunately, this can also be easily managed with oral analgesics.

9. What are the potential risks and complications associated with this procedure?

Please be reminded that cosmetic surgery carries risks such as infection, scarring, nerve damage, and unexpected reactions to anaesthesia. Blood clots and significant blood loss are more severe complications. Patients may also experience dissatisfaction or develop body dysmorphic disorders. A thorough discussion with your doctor is crucial before moving forward.

10. How long is the recovery period?

The recovery period for surgically placed gluteal or buttock implants can vary depending on the individual patient’s health, the complexity of the surgery, and the body’s natural healing process. Generally, the initial recovery phase lasts about two to four weeks, during which the most significant discomfort and swelling occur. During this time, patients are advised to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks and strenuous activities. Pain management is essential; incision sites must be kept clean to prevent infection. 

Patients may be able to return to light, daily activities within one to two weeks post-surgery. However, it usually takes about six to eight weeks before they can resume more vigorous activities and exercise. Within this timeframe, they might also be able to sit comfortably using a cushion and start returning to a more normal routine. Complete internal healing and stabilisation of the implants may take several months, with final results apparent from around six months to a year after surgery.

11. Does buttocks enlargement look fake?

If the procedure is performed correctly, this will give you natural-looking results. A successful outcome means that people may not be able to tell that you have something done, but they will notice the enhancement in your butt shape and size. Enhancement done with fat grafts will be subtler than with implants, but they still provide impressive results nonetheless.

12. Will there be any scarring?

Any scarring will come from the liposuction technique used to harvest the fat grafts. You can be assured that these will be hidden along natural creases, and it will eventually fade over time.

13. When can I see results?

You should be able to notice results immediately after the surgery. It will be most noticeable once the fats have finally settled in and any amount of swelling have subsided. You will already notice this during the first few weeks after the procedure.

14. How much does buttocks enlargement cost?

A personal consultation is important because Dr Daood would still have to assess the areas where the fats have to be removed. Every area also has different degrees of difficulty in removing fats which could also affect the price. So it is only after an initial assessment that an exact price quotation can be given.

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