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Breast Lift surgery can restore a more youthful appearance by raising and reshaping the sagging breast.

1. What is Breast Lift?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a cosmetic breast surgery to lift the breasts. The surgery may also involve changing the position of the areola and nipple. This procedure creates more youthful-looking breasts, giving you confidence when wearing tight-fitting clothes or bikinis.

2. Why do Breasts Sag?

Pregnancy is one of the causes of breast sagging. It is a normal process for the breasts to increase in size during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Imagine this going on for 9 months. This increase will stretch the skin and other supporting structures that when the breasts go back to its pre-pregnant state, it will no longer be as perky as before.

It is a common misconception that breastfeeding may also lead to breast sagging. This is not true at all, and this should not discourage new mothers to do so.

Weight fluctuations can also result in breast sagging since your breasts are mainly composed of fat or adipose tissue.  On top of that, you can also factor in gravity which causes your breasts to sag.

Another reason for sagging is aging. We all know that the aging process creates a number of change in our bodies. There will be less collagen in our skin making the breasts less firm and perky. Heredity also makes a woman more likely to experience breast sagging.

Exercising without the right support can result in sagging. This is the reason why women must wear sports bra when going for a jog or the gym.

3. Who is Suitable for Breast Lift?

A person can be considered a good candidate for a breast lift if:

  1. You are physically healthy.
  2. You have a stable weight.
  3. Your breasts are significantly pendulous or elongated in shape.
  4. Your nipples and areola are pointing downward.
  5. One breast hangs lower than the other.
  6. You do not smoke.
  7. Your skin is stretched and your areolas are enlarged.

4. What Can’t a Breast Lift do?

A breast lift can’t increase your breast size or volume. It will only improve its placement to correct sagging or breast ptosis.

5. What does the Breast Lift Procedure involve?

During a breast lift surgery, the surrounding tissue of the breasts is tightened and reshaped to supports the new breast contour. Excess skin will also be removed for better aesthetic value as this can make the breasts appear sagged.

There are various approaches to a breast lift procedure, and these will be explained to you in detail by Dr. Daood upon consultation. He will also guide you on which of these would suit you based on the degree of your breast sagging, body shape, and preference.

On top of tightening the skin and lifting the underlying tissue, the nipple and areola are also made to point at a right angle from the body, instead of drooping downwards.

6. Breast Lift with Implants

A breast lift and breast augmentation surgery are often done together to further enhance the appearance of the breasts. This will make your chest look curvier and youthful. However, you have to understand that this will take more time and more risks are involved. Dr. Daood, through his skills and approach, ensures a natural-looking result with breasts that will perfectly suit your frame.

7. Your Recovery

The recovery after a breast lift can take several weeks, sometimes even longer depending on how you heal.

After the procedure, the patient often reports some degree of pain in the surgical area. However, any discomfort can be controlled by pain medications. A patient will also experience swelling, bruising, as well as numbness or changes in nipple sensitivity. Some may also feel an increased firmness or fullness of the breast. There is no need to fret with these new sensations because they will eventually subside after a few weeks.

You have to wait at least six months to a year before your breasts will finally settle into their new form.

8. Things to be Aware of

Should you decide to get a Breast Lift, you also have to be sure that you no longer have any future plans of getting pregnant. Pregnancy will stretch out the breast as hormonal changes cause it to dramatically increase in size. Once the hormones level out after pregnancy, your breasts, which have been stretched out for so long, could end up sagging once again.

9. Your Results

Breast lift surgery can help you feel more confident about your body especially if you have been troubled by uneven breast size or severe breast ptosis. On its own, this procedure may not create dramatic results when it comes to improving shape and volume since it only addresses breast sagging.

Nonetheless, it will still give you aesthetically pleasing results especially if your unique form and body structure are closely considered by the surgeon while performing the procedure.

10. Breast Lift Cost

The cost of breast lift surgery will vary depending on your individual needs (length, complexity and whether it is combined with breast implants), but prices start at $6,600.

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