Updated : August 30, 2020

Want to address man-boob issues but afraid to look into the cost? Understandably so, as costs for gynecomastia surgery in Sydney could go as high as AUD7,000++. Luckily, there’s a wealth of options from various clinics, at different price points.

But what exactly are you paying for? What are the factors that determine the total fees? Before snatching up a “bargain,” note the following considerations…and ask yourself if you’re willing to take more risks for cheaper fees.

Read on and take note of these pointers to ensure that your surgical plan is a worthy investment for the results you want.

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Any surgical procedure starts with a consultation. Most of the time these come at a fee which is waived if you decide to have your surgery done by that clinic. However, some clinics offer it for free without any obligation. So, you may have to broaden your search to find reputable clinics that offer this type of arrangement.

Initial consultation may range between $150-$250 in Sydney.

Extent of the condition

Gynecomastia may come in different forms which can affect the extent of surgery needed and ultimately the cost. The condition can be mainly a proliferation of breast tissue or a combination of fat and breast tissue.

The severity of the condition determines the breast size. The bigger the breast size the more extensive the correction needed. Whether liposuction or breast tissue removal is necessary for breast reduction, it will all affect the total time of surgery and consequently the cost.

Surgeon’s Fee

The surgeon’s professional fee takes a significant chunk out of the entire budget. Expect this to vary depending on the surgeon’s experience and reputation.

Don’t decide mainly on the surgeon’s fee, especially if you are on a tight budget. It’s easy to fall for the ones offering it at a lower cost, but one must always consider quality first. Conversely, choosing a good surgeon cannot be based on how high their fees are. Your biggest consideration should be a practitioner’s expertise and certification. A good one will not come cheap, therefore, look for someone with the passion to get the best results.

Take note that on top of the surgeon’s fee, you may also have to count in the surgical assistant’s fee.

Procedure’s Required

The type of procedures involved can also affect the price. Breast tissue excision is the usual approach to gynecomastia surgery. In some cases, liposuction is necessary if there is a significant amount of fats present in the area.

It will be less pricey if your treatment will only require liposuction than if breast tissue removal is involved. This can be determined only after a consultation.

Types of Anaesthesia

The type of anaesthesia needed for your procedure will depend on the extent of surgery. Some may only require local anaesthetics, while others may need IV (intravenous) sedation. Between the two, IV sedation is more expensive, but it is necessary particularly in severe cases of gynecomastia.

In addition to that, you will also have to factor in the Anaesthetist’s fee. You may inquire on this during your consultation.

Hospital/Theatre Fee

This varies depending on how many days you spend in the hospital. The price will also vary based on where the procedure is performed. It could either be at cosmetic surgery centers, exclusive aesthetic centers or multi-specialty hospitals.

Ancillary Fees

In most cases, your doctor will order medical tests to determine the root cause of your breast enlargement. This will be done during consultation and it is necessary for the doctor to know if surgical intervention is appropriate.

Other fees will also cover compression garments and surgical drains. To remove excess fluid or the pooling of blood within the surgical site, drains will be placed in the area to promote healing. Compression garments will also be applied after surgery and advised to be worn for a few months to help your chest adapt to your new form.

Gynecomastia Surgery Aftercare

The cost of gynecomastia surgery aftercare will also have to be considered, so you can fully prepare your budget. This will include medications (antibiotics and pain medications), extra compression garments, and return checkups.

Projected Cost

Based on the numbers gathered by RealSelf, Gynecomastia surgery cost can range from $25 – $11,650. It also has an average of $5,600, from all locations in Australia.

Will It be Covered by Insurance?

Elective procedures are usually not covered by insurance. However, for gynecomastia surgery, there are certain key criteria to prove eligibility. One must be able to fulfill the following:

  • You must exhibit a diagnosable and well-defined case of gynecomastia.
  • This should be generally grade 2 or worse, which requires surgical treatment.
  • You must prove that your gynecomastia has negatively impacted your functioning.
  • This deficit in functioning must be persistent or recurring.

While it may seem restrictive. A consultation is the first step to determine your eligibility. Before covering the cost of your surgery, insurance companies require proof of your health condition and a breakdown of the costs.


A Breakdown of Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Sydney Infographic- Dr Daood

For a more accurate quote on your gynecomastia surgery cost, it is best that you approach a cosmetic surgeon today. A thorough in-person evaluation is needed since it is impossible to explain the nuances with just a phone call.

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