Wardrobe Tips to Show off Your New Curves with Class

Women know what men want and are now empowered to do something about it. Technology has created the ways and means for it and society has already changed its perception on women who prefer to go through surgery to enhance their curves.  Society now calls them empowered women.

With the new curves, women should embrace their new look and feel the power that they have unleashed. Below are some tips on how to proudly show off your new sexy curves with class.

The Right Outfit

You spent a lot of money and risked the danger of being put in a malicious spot by society. Such risks have paid off and people have started to see you differently. But you cannot control people’s minds and there are others who you do not want to attract. There are 3 good reasons for choosing your new and re-vamped wardrobe.


Feel the New Look

Changes have been done on you and that means your vital statistics have been drastically altered as well. Some women forget that and the result would be a frumpy or boxy look that just gives a big disservice to your goal and reinventing yourself into your sexy and confident alter ego. So go through your closet and throw away your old clothes because the diva is finally in the house.

Flexibility to Move

Now that the curves are finally yours, there are certain activities that you have to be wary of, especially those that require your improved breasts to defy gravity. There are clothes that allow you to do such things and make your transition from the old wardrobe to the new one a cinch. No pun intended.

Everyday Safety

Feminists shall totally disregard what men would think of women who wear skimpy or revealing clothes, but the truth of the matter suggests that wearing appropriate clothes all the time is still the best way to go. You do not have to cover your body from head to toe, but just be mindful enough to show just the right amount of skin without inviting the critical or evil eyes of some.

Clothing for the Curves

With your newly found charm comes a whole lot of options that would bring out the curves without making you look cheap or desperate.

Basics for Patterns and Fabrics

Clothes are worn not just to cover you up, but to create the illusion you need for your body type. Because your goal is to show off your new body, stick to fabrics that cling to your body. To further emphasize your new shape, use simple colors or patterns that won’t take away from the intended silhouette. Solid shades or two-tone dresses are perfect for this. You could also go for sheer or soft fabrics that successfully drape your body.

For patterns, bear in mind that vertical shapes tend to make your body look longer and brings attention to your narrow waist when the stripes end at the waist. What you have to avoid would be heavy beading or those fabrics with a lot of embellishments because they do nothing for the curves.

For the Tops

Be on the look-out for tops that really make your curvy bust and narrow waist pop-out. Again, too much volume on the top takes away from the curves so avoid them, not unless your fashion statement involves volume-enhancement on the bottom pieces.

Successful Necklines

Necklines are a bit tricky because lower necklines essentially draw up attention to your face. However, with your enhanced figure, it might do the exact opposite and allow your breasts to get all the attention. Choose necklines that are low enough and don’t expose a lot of cleavage. A good suggestion for this would be your dependable wrap tops. However, be sure to have a small snap sewn where the two sides overlap to prevent the neckline from slipping.

Building on the Empire

Empire waists are also flattering to the curves because they end at the smallest part of your waist, perfectly emphasizing your curves.

Wrap that Belt

Belts also do a good job in drawing attention to your narrow waste. Some tops come with belts sewn into the design, which is also a good idea because the belt is bound to coordinate with the top. However, you prefer to have versatility with your outfits, just buy the belts separately and were them with the top that you want to have for the day.

Casual Shirts

If you are the shirt and jeans type of woman, wear only the fitted shirts, specifically the ones with darted waists and get rid of the boxy ones.

Jack-up those Jackets

Jackets are normally used to cover the body, but form-fitting jackets also do the trick. Also, look for those that match your height. Shorter women should opt for the shorter jackets while the taller women should go for the longer ones. Single-breasted jackets are also less busy, making them ideal for showing your curves.


A trend that refuses to go away, these fringes on the waste just gives you the curves that you need. They come in different fabrics and bloom, but they all achieve your objective of highlighting your curvaceous hips.

For the Bottoms

Just as essential as the tops, the bottoms also have specific specifications that would allow you to accentuate your new curves nicely.

Skirt the Issue

Skirts are staples in a woman’s wardrobe but with new figure that you’re proud of right now, there are rules that you should follow. Look for those that fit your waist nicely and with fabrics that are stiff enough not to hang limply or your hips and flare away from your body to further emphasize your shape.

Advantageous to your curves would be the curve-hugging pencil skirts since they skim your figure so well, specially the high-waisted ones. If you are a fan of A–lines, pair them with full tops to give volume to your shoulders and breasts.

Down for Pants

Always remember that your pants should balance out your top. For this purpose, go for pants that have wide waistbands to further emphasize your svelte waist. Boot-cut jeans offer a lot of versatility and you should go for those with subtle flares to help balance out the curve of your hips. Dark jeans also help you look slim.

For Dresses

There are a lot of styles that flatter the body well. However, be very particular with those that emphasize the waist to perfectly display your hourglass figure. Dresses that naturally keep the top and bottom look separate are very ideal and flattering.

Wrap that Dress

Wrap around dresses are also very flattering and gives that elegant and sexy vibe that you want to exude. It definitely brings an air of nostalgia with that air of old Hollywood that it brings.

Create Your Empire

If you want to heighten the glamour part, empire waist dresses are perfect because they accentuate the upper and lower curves.

Diagonally Yours

Form-fitting dresses with a diagonal or bias cut is best for showing a bit more flesh because this dress tends to show off the legs a little more. Just make sure that the dress comes in at the waist and clings on to the hips, falling over your legs loosely.

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