Our obsession with that perfect pout is not surprising. The world-wide fascination for Angelina Jolie since then is not only attributed by her blockbuster films but also for her gorgeous, luscious, well-defined lips. Who doesn’t want that beautiful pucker? They complement well with her other facial features making her look so confident, exotic, sultry and empowered.

Lip fillers: the ‘hottest trend in plastic surgery’

Fast-forward to 2016, the cosmetic surgery industry sees no signs of slowing down in procedures like lip augmentation, dubbing as the hottest trend in plastic surgery’ and as the the new Botox’. Whether you blame it to the wildly popular ‘selfies’ or the youngest Kardashian, Kylie (who is one of the most followed celebrity on social media), it cannot be denied that women and some men attribute attractiveness with perfectly plumped lips.

Lip augmentation is a procedure by injecting a substance, called ‘fillers’ to make the lips look fuller and more defined. Through this process, vertical lines can also be eliminated and drooping corners of the mouth can be corrected.

Beauty by the numbers

In US alone, there were 27,449 who undergone the procedure last year, showing a 48% increase from year 2000. From this data, there were 1,200 procedures done with males, accounting for a whopping 400%.

Although lip augmentations are quite popular among people who are in their late teens and early twenties, there has been a significant number of people who got lip enhancements in their fifties or sixties. The lip area is no exception from sagging due to aging. For them, ‘fillers’ or the substance used in lip augmentation procedure, bring back the shape and fullness of their lips just like their younger days.

It is not just the media buzz or the #kyliejennerlipchallenge alone that caused the skyrocketing demand for lip augmentations. Science has evolved for the better too! New technology has been developed which promises a softer, more natural-looking lips—a far cry from the ‘duck lips’ or ‘bee-stung pout’ that resulted in lip enhancement in previous years.

You have ‘options’.

Generally, lip augmentation is temporary. For each painless 30-minute procedure, results will last up to 6 or 12 months. You can have repeated sessions as much as you want. But if ever you decide to stop, you can definitely do it without much repercussions as the substance will just degrade away.

Should you want it permanently, there are also  surgical procedures available. Just make sure you get that ‘gold standard’ for the perfect pout that you will never regret for the rest of your life.

There are still risks involved.

There are two sides in every coin. Whatever we do, there are benefits as well as the takeaways. Although most of the procedures done are non-surgical, there are still risks that will end up in botched jobs, health complications and in the ‘2016 gallery of lip enhancements gone wrong’. However, we don’t need to be too trapped to the risks involved. We can definitely minimize them if we go to the right people and do the necessary advice before, during and after the procedure. What we need is to think well, to take time, and to never cut corners.

‘Not for all’

Although the procedure is fast and non-surgical, there are still some who are not qualified for it. You are not a good candidate if you have blood clotting problems, lip scars, allergies, and diseases such as lupus or diabetes. It is best that your general state of health be checked first to avoid complications and painful regrets.

Be realistic

As mentioned earlier, it only takes 30 to 40 minutes to inject lip fillers. As fast as it is, bear in mind that there should an ample time to decide and talk to your doctor. Remember, we may take those celebrities for inspiration but our faces are different and unique. There are certain shapes of your body parts that suits well with other body parts.

Here’s a tip: you would know you are in good hands if the doctor understands your ‘celebrity inspiration’ but will tell you frankly if the particular lip shape result would suit and look naturally with your jaw lines, eyes and your overall look.

Trust yourself, but trust the experts more!

You might think that because lip augmentation is not invasive, you can easily do it yourself. This is some of the most common mistakes people make which resulted in uneven, overly plumped-up lips. Just save your great DIY skills for your future arts-and-crafts projects.

Great and reputable doctors are not just trained to deliver a relaxed and painless procedure,   as they are, more importantly, trained to understand the symmetry of the face for aesthetic purposes. They are like ‘artists’ who know that if they try to alter the shape of your lips, the result would be balanced, seamless and natural, as if, you are born with it.

After all, we always want the best for ourselves. Therefore, it is always best to make an informed decision rather than blindly going for something just because it is the ‘hip’, ‘hot’ and cheap of the season.

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