As much as cosmetic surgery remains to be much celebrated, there are sporadic incidents resulting in botched results. This is not to rain on your parade, but there seems to be a growth in unsatisfied cases usually spurned by poor choices. For someone who is considering cosmetic surgery, you need to make the effort to avoid the ugly side of trying to look pretty.

When you browse through Celebrity news, you would most likely see a feature story on some celebrity looking mighty proud of their new nose, a curvier bust, or be coy about how their lips became plump up more than usual. On the flip side, you would probably see some who are regretful of their cosmetic decisions.

What we should all learn from this is that celebrities, even with their money and connections, are not spared from the unfortunate hand of a bad cosmetic procedure. A strong desire and wads of cash are not enough to give you the results you want since there are several other factors that define cosmetic surgery success.

Aside from poor aesthetic results, what other unwanted outcomes are there within the nooks and crannies of a bad cosmetic procedure?  How do you make sure that you avoid a bad result or be left with a handful of regrets?

What happens when you are not careful

Too many people forget that cosmetic surgery is just like any other medical procedure that they simply trivialize the preparation. This kind of thinking is what usually leads to disaster, because you’re not preparing yourself enough. And if you continue on this path you could come across the following problems:

1. Infections

Infection is one of the inherent risks of surgery, where, carelessness leads to aggravating circumstances.  People who like to cut corners are often at the frontlines of this disaster, that could even spell something very serious – from prolonged healing to sepsis (overwhelming infection which often results in death).

In a recent case in Sydney, an unlicensed practitioner was performing cosmetic procedures right in her own apartment, which of course, had poor infection control. Cats were seen to be living in the said apartment where she also performs double eyelid surgeries!

Like many underground operations just like this, what brings in a lot of people is the fact that it is way cheaper than having it in an actual clinic. They think that they’re getting a good bargain out of it, when in fact, it’s their life they’re bargaining for it.

Cosmetic surgery is a sterile procedure, and the practice is created that way for good reason. A break in skin integrity is a serious matter that requires strict aseptic technique – one that is surely missing when you have it done in someone’s living room or anywhere else besides the hospital or a clinic.

2. Disfigurement

In another experience by a transgender woman from Florida, she received black market injections to improve her face. What was supposed to be a less expensive way to make her appear youthful turned out to be a disaster when she learned that the injection she got from a ‘pumping party’ was actually made out of tire sealant and cement. Consequently, she got disfigured as cement nodules created hard lumps on her face.

Cosmetic surgery and procedures improve our looks and these changes can be permanent. Michael Jackson was one of the iconic symbols of a cosmetic surgery gone bad as we see the public transition of his nose from one that was rather bulbous to being almost non-existent! He ended up permanently disfigured which usually made him the stuff of memes.

3. Scars

Invasive cosmetic procedures also come with the risk of scarring, with some more predisposed than others. What most people don’t know is that scarring can actually be prevented or minimized. Unfortunately, some patients are not so keen on ensuring this does not happen hence they are left with poor scarring that affects the overall aesthetics of your surgery.

What you need to do

The three problems mentioned above are not matters without contest. Here are important reminders on what you can do to tip the scales in favour of a good result.

1. No money? Then don’t go cheap!

With cosmetic surgery it’s a matter of get it safe or go home. Don’t simply settle for the next best thing even when it is already highly questionable at first look. Don’t put yourself in situations where you have to be led in dark-lit rooms and hushed arrangements, or you’d end up with very bad results that could be irreversible.

2. Never trust easily

Never let your guard down easily when looking for a surgeon, as the title alone is not a guarantee for good results. To paint this out more clearly, we can say that not all cosmetic surgeons are able perform a rhinoplasty or breast augmentation procedure.

So your hint would be to look for someone who is trained or subspecialized to ensure that you are in the right hands. Always look at a doctor’s credentials and see if they are indeed what you need.

Do you want to enhance your eyes through an Asian Double Eyelid surgery? Yes, there are doctors who are trained to perform that on top of those who can do the ordinary double eyelid surgery. A seemingly minor detail, but it can have huge consequences.

3. Be realistic

During consultations, cosmetic surgeons receive a barrage of requests like Jessica Alba’s Chin, Kate Middleton’s nose, or Angelina’s lips. There’s nothing wrong in having celebrity inspirations, but you have to understand that in the real world of cosmetic surgery, a celebrity’s feature may not be the best for you.

We are designed with unique features, and it is in your personal structure that a good surgeon would start his work, and not some asset a certain celebrity had. Yes, they can allude to that, but insisting on them to create it for you doesn’t necessarily mean it could lead to satisfying results.

4. Take care of yourself

If you are willing to drop some serious cash for a bum like Kim K., then you better take the extra time off to fully recover. This period is just as important as the other steps because it is that final stretch where the end results come to be.  Giving yourself ample time to heal sets the stage for a successful outcome which is one of the major contributions you can do in the entire process.

The surgeon may have a hand in the surgery itself, and he can give you the instructions for continuity of care, but it is how you follow these that makes a difference. Aside from post-surgical care, pre-operative preparation is also just as important. Take good care of yourself to set up for success.

Yes, there is no lie about it. Cosmetic surgery can be dangerous, but only if you are not preparing for it well enough. This is not to scare you but to underline the importance of being prepared because so many patients are coming in but have not fully understood what they are signing for.

Final Reminders

Cosmetic surgery is no magic wand that could transform you just like that! This is actually a process that starts from the day that you decide on it and ends on the day that you fully recover.  When you fail to put in the effort and preparation, you’d be seeing a side of beauty that isn’t so appealing!

Therefore, don’t settle for less than you deserve! Come and talk to us today, and let’s discuss on what options are most suitable for you.