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Never Get a Butt Augmentation Before Reading This!

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, you’d see that these sassy bunch have been getting their butt game on. These ladies would have you green with envy with their body-hugging Balmain dresses, or without it, to strut those curvy behinds. That is just a part of this movement that’s been attracting both men and women alike.

As many flock to surgical clinics to get their own derriere, one shouldn’t be quick to sign on the dotted line without knowing the facts first. A butt augmentation, a good one for that matter, is something that you think through carefully. And if you are wise, then you’d read on to learn the essentials before diving into it.

Stats and Stories

Statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons claimed that there was a marked increase in butt augmentation, or what is also referred to as “gluteoplasty,” in 2015. A buttock procedure was done every 30 minutes, which is why the same year was also dubbed the “year of the rear.”

Buttock implants and buttock lift dominated, while buttock augmentation with fat grafting came close. Many are driven to go under the knife to get the shape that the likes of Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, and dear miss Khloe Kardashian have been flaunting on the “gram.”

However, not everybody turned out to be success stories. The official statistics don’t include those who cut corners to achieve their desired shape. This is when the horror stories pour in, and these can range from sad to horrifying.

One guy shared his experience when he settled for black market injections to perk up his behind. He detailed the pain that he had to endure, and the botched result he had to live with today. Instead of gaining confidence and a better shape, he ended up with a bag of regrets. But this is not the worst of it, some even end up with fatal consequences.

This is not to scare you, but this is to educate everyone to be smart and careful about their cosmetic surgery decisions. Butt augmentation is proven to be a widely successful procedure, but it takes several factors for it to be one – and you can prepare for it!

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts before going getting a butt augmentation.


Do your research

You just don’t decide on any cosmetic procedure on a whim. Like regular medical surgeries, these procedure come at a risk. Even if it takes you a couple of months, doing extensive research prepares you for a safer procedure that can give you successful results.

Here are the basic information you should start with:

  • A doctor’s training/credentials (He must be board-certified).
  • A doctor’s experience in performing butt augmentations
  • A doctor’s reputation. This can include success rate and revisions.
  • Price (Never settle for something that sounds too good to be true!)
  • Find a surgeon who shares your aesthetic sensibility. Ask for his portfolio to check previous work.
  • Ask how the surgery is done. The type of approach can vary for each surgeon.

Do give yourself time to decide

Never rush into making a decision because mistakes can often leave you scarred for life. Do your research well and think it through. Those who went ahead with black market solutions were too hasty that they didn’t even consider the potential outcome should things go awry. Taking time also means having the right financial preparation so as not to settle on substandard procedures from shady individuals.

Do ask questions

If you find something to be vague, don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications. Never commit to something you don’t fully understand. It is important that you and your surgeon are also clear on the aesthetic goals you aim to achieve. This is why an open line of communication is important, and if a surgeon doesn’t make you confident about the procedure, trust that gut instinct.

Do have realistic expectations

An important aspect about cosmetic surgery is having realistic expectations. This means having a healthy view of what the procedure is able to do as well as its limitations. Remember, your celebrity inspiration might not have the same body type as you, and any good surgeon would be honest with you about this. So learn to acknowledge and accept the limitations, and be more open about getting a service that would best accentuate your body type. The key here is to enhance, and not to overpower your form.


Don’t settle

Never allow yourself to settle for a procedure that is offered to you far cheaper than the usual prices in your area. And don’t risk your body for substandard materials, such as butt injections that are not FDA-approved. These promises may be easy on the pocket, but they aren’t necessarily safe and neither does it guarantee success.

Don’t go to underground treatments

Did you know that there is also such a thing as “pumping parties?” Just like the infamous Botox parties for people who like to halt aging, some people also hold parties where they inject solutions to their butt. If anything, this just sounds dangerous. Don’t be easily blinded by your desires for better curves. Quality work has a premium, and you don’t get that from a party or a back alley.

Don’t go for a surgeon who can only paint your rainbows

It’s better to have a surgeon who can slap you with the hard truth than to cloud your head with lies. How are you able to determine this? Go to several doctors to compare their approach. Anything that sounds too good to be true are often red flags, and you should be wary of these. A good surgeon would tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. As we mentioned earlier, this procedure has its limitations therefore it pays to have someone show you what is physically possible and what is unattainable.

Don’t think that what works for the other will work for you

Cosmetic surgery is no cookie cutter solution for your aesthetic woes. A good doctor will give you a personalized approach, so what was done on your friend may not be the same for you. A surgeon has to cater his approach based on what is aesthetically suitable for your form.

I hope you gleaned nuggets of wisdom to prepare you for your cosmetic surgery plans. Don’t be so quick to jump in the bandwagon without understanding what you’re getting yourself into. Educating and preparing yourself are the key points towards a successful outcome. And with that, you can own and flaunt that booty without sacrificing your body in the process!

Go for a surgeon who is not only certified, but has a vast experience on the procedure. In Sydney, Dr Daood is among the reputable surgeons you can trust for a good butt augmentation. Call us up today and book your consultation!