Butt Implants Are Taking Over The World Of Cosmetic Surgery

Pop culture and social media have been raving about the booty. From songs, suggestive Instagram poses, and even Kim Kardashian taking it upon herself to include it in her string of emojis. It seems the booty is no longer “behind” the spotlight as it now takes center stage. But what led to the craze? And how can you sport that beautiful curve down there? Let’s take a closer look at the year of the rear.

Once upon a time

Back in the day having a Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss figure is what was considered sexy, and any sign of a curve is considered fat. When runway models were the epitome of beauty, everybody was dying to be thin. People are even very conscious of what they eat thinking that it might end up in their butt, and God-forbid that happens when flat is fabulous.

But then just like any fad, people soon started to gain more appreciation for curves. When Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce soon came out in the music scene they started a movement towards getting shapely butts as they went shaking and shimmying to superstardom.  But it was J.Lo, Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian who shut it down, and then suddenly the gluteus suddenly


The Butt Revolution

In today’s culture, the measure of sexiness is the big booty. The Kardashians made it so blaringly obvious how curves also equals to sultriness. Remember the time when Rihanna arrived at the CFDA Awards practically naked with her bum on full display and walks away with the Fashion Icon Award? Aside from men tumbling over it, women are running to get their own, one way or another.

It can be said that curves are better than looking like you are starved. It has gone from healthy, to being attractive. It is good that media has shun stick figured women as it also teaches young girls to embrace their curves. But have we now gone on the opposite end of the spectrum? When is a bum sexy and when is it not? And what are the ways for you to get one?

What is a good butt?

If you look at magazines, social media, or music videos, there are several types of bums that would probably greet you. It can be round and toned like celebrity fitness trainer, Jillian Michaels’ or it could be vuloptuous like Iggy Azalea’s. Some might even prefer the dramatic roundness that Nicki Minaj flaunts on her Anaconda video.

So what then defines a good derrier?

Women ought to know that going all big doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful. K. Michelle had to learn this the hard way, when she decided to downsize her surgically enhanced behind. By getting it too large for her physique the RnB singer often became the subject of ridicule and lost several potential roles.

A good derrier gives you form and a beautiful figure. It has the right size, round shape and firmness. Some even said that a good way to test it is to do the pencil test. It’s a simple test where you simply put a pencil on the lower edge of your bum and thighs to see if it falls. If it does, it means you have a great booty, however, if it stays in place then some butt exercise should be in order to get in shape.

For most women that coveted shape is innate. Thank heavens for good genes that these women, and even men, fit beautifully into their jeans! For some though, this can only be wishful thinking which may sometimes be even coupled with desperate attempts to look curvy.

How to get a good butt?

If you want to get that beautiful shape here are several ways you can achieve it:

Butt Lift Exercises

An inexpensive way to create a beautiful form on your backside is to exercise. Any fitness expert would tell you that you can tone and sweat your way to a better shape. The results may not be dramatic but it can give you some curves. Here are some of the exercises that you can try.


Butt pads, booty pads, padded panties and silicone enhancers are wardrobe secrets that a lot of women use to accentuate their behind. You can easily wear this under shorts, pants, and dresses and it will look and sometimes even feel natural! Kylie Jenner was allegedly a fan of these butt paddings, and if this were true then it certainly makes a good option.

Buttock Injection

This procedure involves administering fat injections into the buttocks using the person’s own fats. It is actually safe because it practically uses the person’s own fat tissues and inject these into the buttocks. The process is safer than surgery and it can create noticeable results, however these are not permanent. The fats injected will eventually absorb in the body, which is why you might need another treatment if you want to maintain the results.

Butt Augmentation

If you want something more permanent, butt implants can be a very good option. Butt augmentations have risen over the past year because of the increasing demand from women who wish to get in better shape down there. The procedure is invasive, but under the right expertise, it can create beautiful natural-looking results. But it can also take a turn for the worst when overdone. Celebrities who nailed it and owned up about their surgeries include, Heidi Montag and Amber Rose. Many may cringe at the thought and some might be apprehensive about the results, but with an experienced surgeon, this procedure can give you “bootylicious” results with curves that best accentuate your body.

Regarded as a long-term treatment for curvier behinds, buttock enlargement is no walk in the park. Successful results means doing your homework to ensure that you give yourself the best results.

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Curves are sexy, just as long as you get the ones that accentuate your form best. With so much love for a round and perky behind, get the shape that fits your well. If you wish to make it more permanent, make sure that you get the best help you can get. There are so many sad stories about women who made drastic moves by cutting corners.

So if you want to take it beyond the pads or silicone inserts, you can go for a more long-lasting solution with butt implants. The Dr. Daood Clinic can help you get the realistic and honest evaluation you need to hear. Visit us today for your consult!