Breast Reduction

When we think of cosmetic surgery, what usually comes to mind are tweaks and additions. Breast reduction is the opposite, and it is performed to remove excess breast and/or fat tissues, as well as excess skin on the chest. This procedure reminds us that beauty doesn’t only mean additions. In some cases, the surgeon might come in to remove certain excesses to create an aesthetically pleasing result.

Yes, cosmetic surgery is often equated to aesthetics or vanity, but did you know that it also has a profound effect on your health? Here are some of the possible reasons why people want to go down a size or two.


Having large breasts may not be all that fun as some would have presumed. Having double Ds may seem like it has its perks, but it can also cause some physical and emotional discomfort.

Neck, back, shoulder pain or recurrent inflammatory conditions under the breasts are the usual reasons women choose to have their breast size reduced. Complaints of headaches, numbness or a tingling sensation in the hands are also triggering factors. Grooving on the shoulders due to the weight of the breasts on the bra straps can also result in irritation is also a common problem. All these usually qualify women for insurance coverage for a breast reduction.

Modern Family’s Ariel Winter has been candid with her decision to reduce her breast size due to the physical and psychological discomfort her 32F breasts were causing. Like Winter, other women also claim that being overly voluptuous tend to draw in unwanted attention or being over-sexualized, and this makes them very conscious of their figures. This also limits them to certain dresses just to avoid looking inappropriate.

After surgery, most women would say that a “weight” has definitely been lifted as they can already move and dress the way they want. It allows them to feel more confident and comfortable as they ease into a more proportionate size. This is enough to drive some ladies to part with a few cup sizes.

Disproportionate Breasts

Female breasts are usually a touch uneven. For some, the asymmetry are not inconveniently severe, but for others, a marked difference can be obvious. The latter is referred to as juvenile hypertrophy which causes one breast to be visibly larger than the other. Milder cases of breast asymmetry can still affect one emotionally and psychologically, especially among adolescents. As part of the secondary sex characteristics, this organ also goes through accelerated growth stages as a result of puberty and the accompanying increase in sex hormones.

The root cause for this cosmetic flaw is largely caused by normal breast enlargement brought by estrogen, which stimulates the growth of milk ducts and fat accumulation in the breast tissues. Moreover, breast asymmetry can be expected during pregnancy and even after delivery.

To even out the bust line, breast reduction surgery is the elective surgery that is most suitable.


Also known as “man boobs,” “gyno,” or “bitch tits,” the condition is a result of the enlargement of the male breast tissue. It appears a firm or rubbery mass palpable underneath the nipple which then spreads outward over the breast area.

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Gynecomastia surgery, which is essentially breast reduction, is among the common cosmetic surgeries requested by men. There are several recognized causes for male breast enlargement, but one that has been blamed to cause the increase in gynecomastia cases in Australia is steroid abuse.

As cosmetic surgery becomes more common and accepted in men, a lot are becoming more open to undergo the procedure. It results in a tightened and toned chest, allowing them feel more confident in their form and comfortable wearing certain clothes (or the lack thereof).

Dissatisfaction to Previous Surgery

A previous breast augmentation surgery that have not created the results they wish, or has caused some discomfort, lead several women to revert to a smaller size. Many celebrities have chosen to go down a size and have admitted to feeling more comfortable. Aesthetic concerns are also the usual reasons, which is also a reminder for everyone that boob jobs should be planned out carefully.

The face of cosmetic surgery is changing for 2017 as people go for a more natural look instead of hitting it with overly dramatic changes. Breast reduction is expected to rake in numbers as men also add to the growing statistic. This demographic has been observed to be warming up rapidly to cosmetic procedures hence the steady spike in male patients coming in.

Breast reduction surely takes care of a lot of concerns off your chest! It addresses aesthetic flaws and it also promotes comfort. This goes to show that sometimes losses are actually gains in disguise. So, if you are troubled by any of the causes mentioned above, let the professionals at the Dr. Daood Clinic, Sydney help you. Call in today for your private consultation