It’s one thing to have full breasts, and it’s another to have them perky. So when do you know when you need on or the other, or maybe even both? Surgeons don’t always jump the gun and give you double Ds when all you need is just a little pertness. Check out the instances when you need one or the other.

Breast Augmentation

Boob jobs are among the most common cosmetic surgeries requested by women. It is a procedure which involves the insertion of silicone or saline implants to boost volume and breast shape. Despite having been shunned by other women, many still consider going through with this procedure to boost their confidence.

Surgeons, the good ones at least, closely evaluates each patient so that they can advise them accordingly. A patient can come with their own preferences, but it is a surgeon’s responsibility to tell them what is possible, safe, and suitable.


When is a breast augmentation most suitable for a patient?

This procedure is for patients who have small breasts, a pair of breasts with uneven sizes, or people who have undergone a mastectomy. Women who want to fit better in certain blouses or create a more curvy silhouette would do better with a boob job. For most ladies, their breasts don’t grow quite evenly resulting in one breast slightly bigger than the other. Different sizes of breast implants can be used to even out the problem. And lastly, for women who had their breasts removed due to cancer, breast implants help restore normalcy in their body image.

It is an invasive procedure that has been around for decades, which is why the practice has evolved and far improved. The boob job result you can get now can end up looking and even feel natural. So for women who may also be plagued with sagging breasts, this can restore the youthful appearance with a beautiful breast profile.

Breast Lift

Also known as a mastopexy, this procedure raises and firms the breast by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues. This restores a perkier, firmer, and a more aesthetically pleasing breast profile. It not only corrects sagging, but it also helps you regain better feminine proportions and allows you to fit comfortably in bras, swimsuits, or blouses.

With breast lift, sagging or stretched out skin is excised, and the breast tissues are sometimes excised. It also involves raising the nipple and areola in a more forward position. In other cases the areola can also be reduced during the procedure resulting in a more proportioned and attractive result.

When is it appropriate for a patient?

If you are already well endowed on the chest with a certain degree of sagging, this procedure is perfect. As a woman ages, she can develop poorer skin elasticity which is why breast sagging is highly likely due to breast weight and the effects of gravity. It is also an appropriate procedure for women who have uneven breasts as one might hang lower than the other.

Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift

Surgeons wouldn’t even put these two procedures at odds because they have their own respective purposes and benefits. The need for either, or even both procedures, depends on the patient’s goal and preferences. The surgeon evaluates the patient and also take their preference into consideration when planning the procedure.

It is common to have these two procedures done together. It promotes a better aesthetic result, but it is really not for every patient. Surgeons cater the treatment needed on every patient’s unique needs. Here is a quick explanation on the different approaches that a surgeon can take.

Breast augmentation alone is needed when:

1. There is mild drooping

2. The nipple is still near the center of the chest and doesn’t point downwards.

3. There is still some skin visibility underneath the nipple or areola when the breasts are inspected straight on.

A breast lift is done, either with or without an implant, when:

1. The degree of drooping is moderate to severe.

2. The nipples are at the bottom of the breasts and are pointing downward.

3. There is no visible skin under the nipple or areola when inspected straight on.

4. the patient’s areola is too large for the breast and the patient wants it reduced.

5. The patient already has a larger cup size, and doesn’t wish to get it larger.

6. The patient’s dress are too large and pendulous that it weighs down the skin.

A breast lift is done with breast augmentation when:

1. The patient wants to get a larger cup size and make the pair less droopy.

2. The drooping is severe and you want to dramatically improve the size, shape, and contour of your breast.

3. The patient wants to maintain or improve the projection and roundness of the breasts.

There are several things that have to be taken into consideration to create a successful outcome whether if either or both of the procedures have to be done. And it is very crucial that patients choose a surgeon who is cognizant of their unique needs. Every surgeon has their own approach and you need to find one to whom you can be comfortable and in tune with in terms of aesthetic goals. A good surgeon will determine when an implant is needed, when a lift would suffice, or if having both works best.

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