Perky breasts are something women of a particular age wish to regain, while younger ladies aim to prevent. As nature would have it, breast sagging is inevitable, which is why it launched a huge market devoted solely at maintaining breast firmness and elevation. It’s one thing to increase the size, and it’s another to have it going against gravity. But before you can do anything about it, it’s important to get the facts straight about breast sagging.

Here are some of the common misconceptions that you might be guilty of believing.

Any bra is good support

Your cute Lululemon bra might be perfect for Yoga or Pilates class, however, it doesn’t give enough support when pounding the pavement. Popsugar, in their article, classifies workout levels into three and each of these category have their own bra appropriate for the intensity of activity.

Like Pilates, brisk walking and strength training fall into low-impact exercises,  while hiking, cycling, and dance cardio belong to medium impact activities. Jogging, plyometrics, and contact sports belong to high impact exercises thus needing better breast support. So if you are into doing several exercises, you might want to re-evaluate your athleisure apparel to see if it is still giving you the right hold.

Knowing this is so important because even after you get perkier breasts through surgery, you still need to give it the right support while you exercise. Activities like running can eventually lead to the breakdown of connective tissues in the breast which actually serves as its internal support. Therefore a good bra can definitely go a long way in protecting it from drooping.

Exercise can tone the breasts

Some women think that toning up the chest is the way to prevent sagging. To be clear with the facts, breasts don’t have muscles, so there is no way of firming them up with spot exercises. However, beneath your breast tissue are muscles which you can work on. So to put it more correctly, you simply tone your chest muscles and not your breasts. You can tone your Cooper’s ligaments, which run along your chest, to make your breasts look perkier.

Breastfeeding can cause sagging

This is one of the sad lies out there about breast sagging. Many women are scared of breastfeeding thinking that it is the culprit behind the droop. However, the truth of the matter is that it’s not breastfeeding per se but weight gain.

The pounds you put on during pregnancy stretches your skin. Remember how plump those mammaries are while your little bun is still in the oven? Months after pregnancy you gradually shed the pregnancy weight off, however the skin may not bounce back as good. Just imagine what happens when you deflate a balloon. The thing will no longer take on the original form.

Bottom line is that it’s not pregnancy but your weight.

Wearing a bra 24/7 prevents breast sagging

Some women believed that wearing their bra all the time prevents the dreaded ptosis (the medical term for breast sagging). The is actually no truth to this because just like anything in your body, your breasts eventually succumb to the ravages of aging. In fact, one research even said that wearing a bra can cause breast sagging because it weakens the muscles that hold up the breast. To some extent this might be right however never forgo proper support when doing strenuous exercises.

Smaller breasts don’t sag

There have been several misconceptions about small breasts in particular. So many believe that just because a woman has smaller breasts doesn’t mean that she can’t produce as much milk as a mother with double D’s. The truth is that the size belies its ability to feed a baby. The same can also be said with its ability to sag. Aging, gravity and weight fluctuations can still affect this type of breast, although not in the same degree as women with larger busts.

Your lifestyle doesn’t have any bearing in breast sagging

In insipid ways, your lifestyle choices can have a profound effect on the amount of sagging your breast face. Smoking, crash diets, and sun bathing can worsen the degree of breast sagging aside from the deterioration of the natural support and gravitational pull.

Smoking ages the skin because it hampers proper blood circulation which is necessary for nourishing the skin. Crash diets on the other hand lead to weight fluctuation, which we discussed about earlier. Sun bathing, even with the strongest sunscreen can also break down collagen which is the building block of your skin.

You cannot prevent breast sagging

Yes, breast sagging is part of the natural progression of aging but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. There are creams promising to help you keep a perky pair. There is even such a thing as a “vampire breast lift” where PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections are administered on the chest area to help perk up the breast just as it would do on the face. But if you want a more aggressive approach in preventing significant sagging from taking over, a breast lift is a definite solution. It may be a invasive, but it can create dramatic results.

I hope this clears the air. Having set things straight, you can now focus on getting the right measures to care for your breasts. Now it leaves me to ask the ladies, what are you willing to do to avoid breast sagging?

If you are among the braver lot, come and talk to us about Breast Lift surgery. We will guide you through the details and set a plan suitable for your case. Call us today for a consult!