Why Does Man Boobs Spell Trouble for Some Men-Dr.Daood Cosmetic Surgery Australia

Why Does Man Boobs Spell Trouble for Some Men

Gynecomastia, or what is referred to as man boobs, is a common problem usually suffered in silence. While it is generally benign condition, it can be tough to cope with. However, there are rare instances where this problem shouldn’t simply be swept under the rug for it could mean something serious. But this is not […]

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Is-an-Under-Eye-Filler-the-Answer-to-Youthful-Eyes-Dr. Dood-Cosmetic-Surgery-Australia

Is an Under Eye Filler the Answer to Youthful Eyes? (Get the dish here!)

  If you have had it with concealers, wishing that you could just go about your day without having to blend so much makeup just to cover those dark undereye circles – we get you. It’s frustrating how this can easily send the wrong impression. No, you did not pull an all-nighter but your eyes […]

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Cosmetic-Surgery-Guide-Don’t-Get-a-Mini-Tummy-Tuck-Unless-You-Read-This-Dr. Daood-Cosmetic-Surgery-Australia

Don’t Get a Mini-Tummy Tuck Unless You Read This

  Swimsuit season may still be months away, but now is the perfect time to start working on that bikini body. Regular exercise and good diet are the best options, but when it comes to getting rid of stubborn stomach pooch, a mini tummy tuck is among the recognized solutions today. However, before you make […]

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Butt Augmentation: 10 Facts on Fat Transfer to Buttocks

  The conversation about curvier derrieres has created a movement in the world of cosmetic surgery and butt augmentation in particular. Even more so now that it can be achieved through better means – and that is through fat transfer to the buttocks. This approach has gained popularity because it doesn’t involve the use of […]

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5 Tips for Those Planning to Get a Liposuction in Sydney

If you are part of the growing number of Australians who are willing to spend their checks for cosmetic surgery, then you ought to read this. Aussies are spending around $1 billion on cosmetic enhancements every year, which is 40% more than Americans. Among the top 5 most requested procedures is Liposuction, with Sydney being […]

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Breast Lift Sydney: The 10 True Causes of Breast Sagging

Some women who come in for a breast lift in Sydney have expressed concerns about breastfeeding or the gradual effects of aging after the surgery. If you think that things like breastfeeding or bra-wearing can affect the outcome of a breast lift because it may result in breast sagging, then you might want to get […]

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gynecomastia-dr daood- cosmetic-surgery

How To Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs

Say goodbye to your “man boobs” In spite of the growing acceptance and support for the “dad bod,” many men are still ashamed of their “man boobs.” Gynecomastia is the medical term for man boobs and it is defined as the benign enlargement of the male breast tissue. This condition is common among men and […]

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breast augmentation recovery guide

Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

  Getting breast implants is a serious matter, even if it is mainly an elective surgery. It requires enough preparation to ensure that you get a safe procedure with successful results. Behind every good one is a team of professionals who took all the necessary efforts to create an outcome that is suitable and satisfying […]

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Choosing Your Assets: Saline, Silicone, and Gummy Bear Breast Implants

  When you are planning to enhance the volume and curves of your breasts, you come across three different options – saline, silicone and gummy bear breast implants. Each of these has something different to bring to the bust line, and it takes a good amount of preparation before finally choosing the kind that suits […]

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breast implants dr daood

10 Questions on Breast Implants That You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

  When you go for a consultation, you go there armed with questions. It is by educating yourself with the finer details of the procedure that you are able to make a well-informed decision. This helps to answer the question, “is breast augmentation really for me?” So, we will get you a head start with […]

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