Breast implants can award you with the curves that you desire and boost your confidence, but it doesn’t mean that you can just leave it as is. If want to maintain that perkiness and ensure your safety for years to come, self-care would have to be a step above the usual.

Take note of these reminders to ensure healthy voluptuous breasts.

1. Give it time to heal

With advanced techniques and a more sophisticated approach to breast augmentation surgery, it is possible to heal faster than usual. It is no magic, but with a less invasive approach, an experienced surgeon, and a conscientious effort from you to do the proper after care it can be possible. What you need to do ensure is that you give yourself enough time to heal.

Breast surgery recovery typically requires patients to lessen physical activity for 3-7 days before easing in to more strenuous tasks. The length of downtime and the amount of time needed to achieve full recovery depended largely on the incision site, the size of the implants and their placement (above or below the muscle.

It is encouraged that you spend ample time learning about the different aspects of the surgery. When you have an idea, you are better prepared to collaborate with your doctor as to the results, and you are more able to nurse yourself better after the procedure. This also allows you to be more patient as you ease into the final results.

2. Use the right support

A surgeon would usually place you in a compression garment immediately after the procedure. This serves several purpose such as to improve healing, minimize swelling, and support. With the added weight and your breast implants still on its way to settling, a good support can go a long way in your efforts to achieve success.

You might want to jump right into plunging necklines and flaunt those gals, but before you can do so you have to follow the surgeon’s advise. Although practitioners vary in their preference some advice to keep their compression garment on for 5-6 weeks. Some doctors base the length of the application on the severity of swelling. So, when swelling abates, there is no need to wear it for much longer.

Choosing your new set of bra is also crucial to ensuring that your breasts get the right support. Since your breast implants would gradually settle into its final position, expect that your breast size will slightly change after a few months. You may get sized at the lingerie section to get a more accurate assessment. Basing your size on a bra can be misleading as different brands tend to vary with their cup sizing.

Why does the right bra matters?

With good support you prevent sagging which is an outstanding risk due to gravity and aging on top of the weight of your implants.

3. Moisturize

The skin on your chest is among the most tender, thin and sensitive in the body. This is why you need to nourish it because without the right care, it could easily succumb to the ravages of aging, poor lifestyle and environmental factors which can all contribute to sagging.  Moisturizing hydrates the skin better and it also promotes better skin turgor.

Religious application will also reward you with youthful decolletage which goes well with your new cleavage.

4. Avoid dramatic weight fluctuations

Drastic weight changes can make your breast and skin tissue to sag. So, try to maintain a healthy and steady weight. A healthy diet and regular exercise can go a long way, so learn to discipline and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

If you are planning on getting pregnant, the changes in your body may take a toll on your implants. Expectedly, you will be gaining some weight and this may result in sagging should you shed some of those pounds off. A breast lift can address this problem along with other surgeries that can help improve the appearance of the breast (e.g. nipple surgery). This is the reason why mommy makeovers became widely successful recently.

5. Monitor implants

As you may already know, implants are filled either with silicone or saline. It is for this reason that you need a mammogram as your means of checking to see if they are still A-okay!

A mammogram is considered as a reliable diagnostic tool to check for any breast anomalies. Women who have breast implants will still be able to have regular screening mammograms every two years. It is important that you inform that radiologist that you have implants so he can take the proper precautions and technique.

Regular monitoring can help you check if your implants are still intact, which means they have not leaked.

Complement quality surgery with the right aftercare as part of the recovery and success is in your hands. Love your breasts right and you can be rockin’ it for years to come!

If you have more questions, or if you are planning on getting breast augmentation surgery, talk to Dr. Daood today to get proper advise based on your specific needs.

Photo credit: tohil el fotografo via / CC BY-NC-SA